What is mental toughness ?

Fear, anxiety and poor emotional control are the common default for many in life when they faced with high pressure situations. The inevitable outcome will lead to poor performance and sub-par results. In these types of environments where the stakes are high and our behaviours are important we need to have mind skills that will allow us to perform effectively and cope with the pressure in the moment. To have the winning edge we need to develop skills around mental toughness.

Mental toughness is the ability or discipline to remain focused, positive and proactive in the most adverse of circumstances. It is a psychological weapon that can be taught and mastered over time to handle and overcome adversity. It provides a framework of mental and emotional tools that will help us better handle the internal and external challenges that come our way allowing us to perform at a high level. Regardless of circumstance, mentally tough performers predominately focus on the mental skills relating to the 4Cs to achieve success.

Challenge is the ability for the individual to react in a positive manner towards the task. Rather than seeing the event as a threat of failure, mentally tough performers see the undertaking as an opportunity. If we see opportunity we are more likely to increase our effort and persist in our pursuit to reach our goals.

Commitment for mentally tough performers means discipline and going whatever it takes to see the job through to the end. They find satisfaction from knowing they persisted even though the job got tougher. We can all remember times when we wanted to stick with something but we didn’t. New Year resolutions or regularly going to the gym are classic examples. Great mental skill is required to keep the commitment and stay focused.

Control relates to beliefs and emotional control. Mentally tough performers believe they can shape what happens to them. They do not perceive external circumstances as a controlling factor on the outcome. They over-ride negative thoughts with positive statements and control their actions. Similarly, they have the ability to regulate their emotional responses allowing them to remain calm and think clearly when it matters most.

Confidence is a critical part of the jigsaw for mental toughness. It supports and helps strengthen control, challenge and commitment. It is strong factor dictating success. When we are more confident, we are more motivated and have a strong belief in our ability to perform and get the job done.

So where are you at with your mental toughness? Do you need help to develop and improve your control, challenge, commitment and confidence? These mental skills can be mastered and will ultimately improve your performance and your ability to face challenges in life. Contact Coaching with Impact today is you or your team need guidance to increase and strengthen the skills associated mental toughness.

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