what do mental skills training offer you?

What is Mental Skills training?

Mental skills training are processes that help you manage pressure situations in your life allowing you to improve your performance and reach your full potential. Through deliberate practice you have the opportunity to forge and master a champion’s mindset. It empowers you to tackle any task in life with confidence. You learn how to deal with challenges and overcome setbacks whilst developing the power of concentration and focus.
Mental skills training concentrates on the following key areas to improve performance:

Goal Setting
Failure to plan is planning to fail. Goal setting increases your motivation, effort, and will to succeed. Critical to goal setting is defining your objective and clarifying what is needed to get you where you want to be. To achieve the outcome you desire you need to keep your goals in clear focus. Goal setting is the most fundamental component of mental skills training. The process of goal setting cultivates planning, organisation, confidence, and resilience.

Self Confidence
Self-confidence is crucial for success. It is a belief in your ability and skills to get the job done. Confidence is a trait that can be fostered through dedicated preparation or born out of referencing previous successes.

Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety is a feeling of worry about a future outcome and leads to stress. Managing stress is a major reality of modern day living. To be successful you need to learn how to control the anxiety that can influence performance outcomes. Breathing techniques help alleviate conditions relating to anxiety and stress and help maintain focus.

Focus is your dedication to the task. Distractions in life come from many angles. We need to learn how to push aside negative experiences and draw upon positive ones. Similarly, our focus needs to be solely in the present moment and not the preferred future outcome. This allows us to perform more efficiently when under pressure.

If thoughts determine feelings, then feelings influence performance. Understanding and overcoming negative self-talk is the most important mental skill to master for success and positive outcomes when faced with adversity or challenges in life. Humans talk to themselves all the time and need to be able to recognise thought patterns that undermine what you are trying to achieve. Gaining clear control of your thinking processes is critical. We cannot eliminate every negative thought that enters our mind, but we have the ability through mental skill training to learn to replace these defeating thought patterns with positive alternatives. Success hinges on our ability to convert negative thoughts. The outcome will be positive emotions and positive actions.

Where can you start?
Integrating mental skills training into your life can have a massive impact on the quality of your life. It offers many positive benefits relating to improving performance and success. Do you need help in this area of your life? Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

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