The Easy Way to Make New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

“It is not enough to take steps which may someday lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

So 2022 sees me starting back early this year helping my client’s move towards their New Year Resolutions and goals. However, there seems to be a worrying trend that consistently repeats itself at the start of every year.

Everyone’s expectations are set way too high! They all want the quick fix.

A good example of this is around weight loss. I have clients saying they intend to lose between 2-4kg per week towards their target weight. One client vowed he will lose 20kg in one month.

Sound familiar?

These bold unrealistic statements are why over 80% of New Year’s resolutions always fail as quickly as they got started. when things don’t go as intended it’s too easy to just give up.

So to help you stay on track and make your New Year’s resolutions a reality here’s what you need to do.

The Need to get Specific

How many times have you made a New Year’s resolution and stuck with it?

If you are like most of the planet most New Year’s resolutions come and go by mid-February.  

The reasons why most fail come down to two things:

  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Lack of goal-setting planning.

How you make and follow through on the outcomes you want is a long-term process, not a short-term, once-a-year resolution. Most people ditch their resolutions early on because they haven’t created a plan. So it’s important to get specific and set clear attainable goals and timelines.

Everyday Goals

For goal setting to be most effective you need to set specific, relevant, daily goals that absorb you in pursuing them.

You want to make sure you get from point A to point B as efficiently as you can. This means focusing on little steps to get you there.

Let’s say that you want to lose 10kg in 6 weeks.

What are you going to do to get the ball rolling in the next five minutes, one hour, next day, or the next week?

Setting specific daily goals and pursuing them in a systematic and focused way separates those who want to meet challenges and excel from those who actually do.

Let’s take writing this blog as an example. I could simply write whenever I have the urge or inclination. That means it might take me anywhere from a day to a week to a month to finish. The “do it when I feel like it” approach never advances me quickly towards my goal.

Alternatively, to get me moving, I could set some finite short term and long term goals to make sure I meet a timeline. This helps when you know what you are writing about, such as New Year’s resolutions, has a limited time window to be published to be relevant.

The Importance of the Process

Everything to do with achieving goals is all about following a process. The critical first step every time is determining the importance of what you are trying to achieve.

So if weigh lose is your New Year’s resolution why is it important?

The significance of this first step should not be taken lightly. Only if you are committed 100% to the goal do you have any realistic chance of achieving the outcome you desire.

So my goal of writing this article is important to me because I like writing, creating and sharing my thoughts in hope I can help others achieve some of their goals.

Sharing meaningful thoughts and helping others makes me feel worthy.

Because I have determined this is important to me, I begin to set some goals that I think are realistic in terms of my time, abilities and motivation. As I write this I am slightly behind meeting my timeline, yet in reality they were somewhat ambitious. So I now simply readjust the goals to bring them in line with reality.

Take away message

Goal setting doesn’t provide all the answers, but when used properly it certainly does nudge you in the direction you want to go. Once you decide something is worth pursuing you can apply these skills to virtually any area of life.

Whether you want to lose weight, write a blog, excel in business, or improve your health the basic procedure is always the same.

You need commitment, focus, a positive mind-set and specific goals that are relevant to your pursuits.

Think about tomorrow’s goal before you go to sleep. Just run through in your mind what you want to achieve. That sets the stage for doing things you want to do every day.

  • Vision– Know where you want to go
  • Commitment- how much do you want that outcome
  • Focus– connect with each step along the journey.

Put your goals up on the wall as a reminder. Give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

If you need any help setting your goals for 2022 please reach out- I’m here to help!

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