“Indecision is the thief of opportunity. “

Jim Rohn, Author

Rob McGivern- life coaching services

Robert McGivern


  • Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching). Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP).
  • Certified Level 3 Wellness Coach. Wellness Coaching Australia
  • Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Australian Institute of Fitness

Like many of us, I too have faced the dilemma of indecision many times throughout my personal and professional life. Importantly, I can honestly say I have always embraced the challenge and live with no regrets. Each experience has taught me valuable life lessons. It has given me the ability to connect and help others find answers to similar issues around change.

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Born and raised in London, my early professional career began in engineering.  I found life in London mundane and I craved something different. In my mid-twenties, that calling was answered when I landed a two-year work contract in Auckland, New Zealand.  This was exactly what I wanted at that time in my life, but I remember feeling paralysed by negative thoughts and fear around the reality of change. I told myself, “Why leave London? Life is good as is.” Subconsciously, I was attempting everything to sabotage my decision, but I realised I did not want to live life with any regrets. I committed to the adventure.

Subsequently returning to the U.K., I continued work as a freelance engineering designer and soon married. We became financially secure, but overtime I once again developed a feeling this was not enough. Life was too easy. I did not feel fulfilled. I needed to be challenged. Unable to settle, I accepted a one-year engineering contract in Hong Kong. This decision had huge consequences on my personal life. It was the catalyst that led to the end of my marriage. Thinking back, even though the fallout was painful it played a big part in my growth as a human being. Through this adversity, I needed to find resilience to allow me to move forward and overcome the pain.

Not knowing what the future held, I decided to immigrate to Sydney, Australia in my late thirties with $500 in my pocket. Arriving not knowing anyone had me seriously questioning this huge life changing decision. “What have I done?” I had no identity. I could not even open a bank account. This was the toughest period of my life. It was like starting out all over again. I found myself living in a backpackers’ hostel in one of the less favourable parts of town and asking myself many times “why?

Sometimes life puts you in situations where you have no support and you need to step up to the plate and try. Through perseverance and a will to survive, I went about cold calling every company I could to find employment. After much effort I finally secured a job. This opportunity  proved to be a springboard to building a successful engineering business over a number of years leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Life both professionally and personally was great over those years. Life gifted me the opportunity to find a new soul mate. We married in 2000 and we have an am amazing relationship that is built on honesty and respect. Her support over the years has been so important in helping me overcome tough decisions and challenges.

That support was so needed soon after the 2000 Olympics.  After years of effort, I now faced the dilemma of re-inventing myself again due to a major recession in the building industry. The influx of work quickly dried up following the Olympics and money became very scarce. What could I do?

Having had a long-term love for health and fitness, I decided to leave engineering and become a Personal Fitness Trainer.  At first I found it a major challenge adapting to a new working environment.  I nearly gave up many times, but through pure willpower I persevered, and turned my training business into a profitable on-going venture for the next 16 years.

As a trainer, these years of inspiring others proved to be very intrinsically rewarding. The nature of the relationships developed with my clients sparked an inner desire to help and support people make positive changes in their lives. I knew I had the knowledge with the physical aspect but I now realised I also needed to learn skills relating to understanding the mental and emotional influences of human behaviour. This shift in thinking set me on a new career journey to become a coach.

In my fifties, I decided to sacrifice a large part of my income to allow me the opportunity to become a mature aged full time student. After 3 years I successfully completed a Bachelor degree in Counselling and Coaching at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

I believe these academic skills together with my life experiences provide me with the edge to connect, understand, support and guide you on that journey through the challenges that are limiting you from reaching your full potential. 

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