Motivation Monday :Inspiration x 3

Make the most of yourself–for that is all there is of you.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Throughout my week I’m always looking for things that inspire, motivate and generally help make me strive to become better at being human.

I look for things that allow me to learn, and understanding what it means to be human.

With that in mind I’m putting together a weekly collection of 3 things that I read, listened to and watched that caught my attention that I believe can help give you a boost of inspiration to get your week kicked off in the best possible way.


1. What I am reading…..

The Untethered Soul: The Journey beyond Yourself  

This is one of my favourite go to books when I feel I need some form of grounding when things seem to be getting out of control.

It really helps me come to terms with the natural ups and of life.

It’s an easy message in theory that needs constant reinforcing (especially for me) – We’ll never be free from problems until we are free from the part within us that has so many problems.

Achieving peace in life requires understanding why you perceive a situation as a problem in the first place.

In the book Michael Singer asks us to explore the question of who we are and the voice inside our head.

The book maintains a light and engaging tone, free from heavy dogma and prescriptive religious references.

2. What I am listening to….

How to Get Better by Mark Manson

Mark Manson is an American self-help author and blogger known for his bestselling book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F^#*k.”

On his 9 min. podcast “How to get better” he has a unique way of looking at therapy, journaling and meditation.

He critiques the value of each and looks closely at what they all have in common.

A fun listen.

What I am watching….

The Me You Can’t See — new Apple TV PLUS series looks at mental health

I’m half way through this 5 part series!

To be honest, I was concerned it was going to be another Royal family beat up but it is quality viewing for anyone struggling with mental health issues or someone trying to understand the issue.

A wide spectrum of people from the rich and famous to the less rich and famous open up and discuss their own personal journey with mental health issues.

For me I was shouting out that’s my tribe- validation!

We are all fighting internal demons thinking we are on our own !

Sneak preview below:

Hello Monday- Lets do this!

Hope you enjoyed this dose of 3 things that inspired me.

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