Mini-idea of the Week: Two simple ways how to celebrate wins every Day

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Do you tend to find each day resembles Groundhog Day?

You basically jump from one urgent task to the next, but your progress gets distracted along the way.

You end up going to bed exhausted and then repeat the same process the next day.

It becomes a never-ending cycle of ticking boxes, getting things done and making it through to the next day.

Would your day feel special if you could find a way to celebrate each and every win?

Here are 2 simple ideas how you can make the humblest win into something special worth celebrating.

# Idea 1- How to start your day

As an alternative to starting your day with a never ending list of tasks to get done try this.

Identify 1-3 things if you got them done would make this day special.

Start the day with a simple entry in your journal, notebook or on a piece of paper.

Title your entry: “What are 3 things I could do today to make this a winning day?”

Like everyone else I have task lists that seem to get longer and longer every day. But rather than get overwhelmed by the number of things I need to do I take the time to pick 3 specific tasks.

 I ask myself one important question:

“What 3 things, if I get them done today, will make a big positive impact on how I feel?”

I keep this list clearly visible throughout the day to remind me what I want to accomplish and where I need to focus my energy.

Occasionally I don’t always get everything done and that’s ok. These times become a time for learning, not a cause for disappointment.

# Idea 2- How to end your day

It can be very powerful at the end of each day to take the time to pause and revisit your list;

“What are 3 things I could do today to make this a winning day?”

How did you go completing your 3 things on your list?

At those times it so important to take the time to celebrate any progress you are making.

This only needs to take a few minutes. From what I learn from accessing my progress I often will take a little more time to then set my intentions for the next day.

 I list the next 3 things that will help me win tomorrow.

A simple process of celebrating each and every win each and every day.

Do you have an approach of acknowledging those small wins in your life?

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