Mini-idea of the Week: Do you struggle with the concept of mindfulness? This might help!

Our conditioned ways of thinking influences how we experience life.

Therefore, it’s fair to assume, if we continue to operate from that place of conditioning we will only experience life through the limitation of our perception.

We have conditioned reactions or habits to certain situations in life based on our values and beliefs.

So how can we break that cycle to be informed from a more introspective place?

To break that created state we need to invest our time in developing a state of awareness or mindfulness.  

But, if you are anything like me, you have struggled in some way with the words ‘awareness’ or ‘mindfulness’.

With the number of definitions to mindfulness increasing daily we can easily become confused trying to intellectually understand what we should be feeling or doing.

We try to become something that in reality we do not fully grasp. I remember trying to make myself do things mindfully.

This inner voice would say, “Be mindful NOW!”

Good advice but what does it mean?

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness or awareness is knowing, isn’t it?

It is a direct knowing, immanent here and now. It’s being fully present, attentive, to the present moment as it is.

However defining mindfulness tends to make it into something- and then it is no longer mindfulness, is it?

Mindfulness is not a thing: its recognition, an intuitive awareness.

With this recognition, we have perspective on the conditions that we experience in the present- our thoughts, feelings and conditioning we have.

Mindfulness is formless and immeasurable in the moment. It’s important to understand that trying to describe mindfulness or awareness will lead to the wrong attitude.

Just trust in the present moment to be here and now. We are not trying to attain anything.

Operating from this sense of wanting to achieve and attain something through mindfulness just reinforces a certain type of conditioning.

The point is to recognise with awareness how we actually nurture and hold onto these concepts. How our expectations and views influence our practice and allow ourselves to just let go.

You don’t attain awareness: you recognise it!

It’s a natural state of being that is recognized through receiving the moment without trying to control or limit it, irrespective of whether this moment is pleasant or unpleasant, wanted or unwanted.

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