How attitude breeds success

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill

One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving your full potential in life is to learn to gain an awareness of your attitude and its impact on your performance, relationships and everyone around you.

Attitudes dictate who we are as individuals. They direct how we approach all aspects of our life. They make up our personality and create our identity. Attitudes control how we act, how we interpret information and how we respond. Interpretations of life experiences and what we accept as truth form our attitudes.

Attitude can be defined as our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, feelings, or intentions with which we approach a task. More than anything, attitudes will determine what we achieve, how we feel, and how happy and satisfied we are life. Attitudes are the power force behind great accomplishment. When used to our advantage, attitudes change lives for the better. Gaining power over our attitude will increase our confidence, our concentration ability, our decision Capability making under pressure, our perseverance to get a job done and our determination.

In life we all have a choice of differing attitudes. At times a certain good attitude may not be the best for a certain situation. Sometimes circumstances change, demanding a mindset adjustment. The challenge becomes discovering the right combination of attitudes that will work for the given moment. Our ability to adjust and improve is a direct result of attitude. To gain a new and improved result requires a new approach, whether mental or physical. A change in attitude precedes a change in behavior. You cannot make a successful physical adjustment without first making the needed mindset attitude change. We have to consciously decide what is needed to gain the improvement.

Winning attitudes are rarely a natural gift. They are learned and perfected through the growth process of life. Developing positive attitudes to stand up to everything that comes our way will give us the mental edge to face and overcome all life’s challenges with confidence and perform to our full potential. It will teach us to give a little more and work that little bit harder when we need to.

Here are some simple strategies we can all use to develop positive attitudes:
Establish an agreement or goal with yourself of being positive 24/7. No exceptions. Make it a habit.

Develop awareness around attitudes. Constantly reinforce and control attitudes.
When positive feelings lapse, will yourself into thinking and performing positively. Fake it til you make it! Do not allow negativity get a grip of the situation.

Use a positive to distract yourself when the negative emotions are overwhelming and unstoppable.

Stay away from people with negative attitudes.

Learn from mistakes and move on.

We all have to decide what type of attitude we want to embrace. It’s that simple! We need to recognize and examine what attitudes we are bringing to the game. We need to fully understand our motives and desires in order to improve our outlook. This requires intent to dig deep below the conscious level of thought to find out what is driving our attitudes. Effective attitudes become the mental edge in conquering adversity and making adjustments necessary to compete. Attitude can be the difference between persevering to success and surrendering when something goes wrong.

If you would like to explore, and improve your attitudes contact Coaching with Impact. Together we can help you gain a better understand of the evolution of your attitudes and how we can change them for the better to ensure success in life.

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