Day 8: Go with the Flow

We are all trying to balance jobs with family and social commitments, so when something goes wrong, you need to know when to go with the flow. However, despite the best intentions, having a more relaxed attitude toward something just doesn’t come easy to some of us.

No matter how much structure we create in our lives, no matter how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we cannot control — and if we let them, these things can be a huge source of anger, frustration and stress.

The simple solution: learn to go with the flow.

What is going with the flow? It’s rolling with the punches. It’s accepting change without getting angry or frustrated. It’s taking what life gives you, rather than trying to force life to be exactly as you want it to be. Here are a few ideas:

Control your own thoughts. Learn to know your trigger points and how you can change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Choose your response. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, try and stimulate the best responses possible. Try not to get angry, bitter or defensive. Those responses will force you to experience more things to be angry, bitter or defensive about.

Don’t be a victim – choose your experiences. Any responses to stressful situations will ultimately decide outcomes.

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