Day 7: Change How You Relate to Your Tasks

Think about your list of tasks right now — does it feel stressful?

How I’ve often related to my tasks is something like, “If I don’t do this task, I will let people down.” If I have a list of tasks that’s full of these kinds of potential failures … of course it will be stressful!

How do you relate to your tasks?

Is there a more empowered relationship you can create?

Here are some ideas:

  • I’m fully committed to this task because it’s incredibly important to me, so I’m going to create a space of 30 minutes today to be fully present with it.
  • This task is an opportunity for me to serve someone I care deeply about, with love.
  • These tasks are training ground for me to practice presence, devotion, getting comfortable with uncertainty.

These are some examples you can use. What empowered way would you like to relate to your tasks?

Maybe create a list of things you are going to do today. Try to keep it to 5-6 things to get done.

What things have to be done today?

What things would be a really powerful use of your day?

Just focus on those. The rest can come later.

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