Day 4: Finding calm when everything seems out of Control

When the world is full of chaos, can we find calm?

It’s a fundamental fact of human life that we want our lives to be under control — we develop plans, goals, routines, systems, tools, schedules, structure to our lives.

But while developing some structure is a very helpful thing for most of us … the truth is, there’s so much that we can’t control. Life is chaotic, out of control, frantic.

So what do we do when life feels out of control?

Normally, we seek to apply some kind of control. It’s why we get angry at others’ behaviour, and feel so much anxiety.

What if we resisted the urge to take control?

What if we just opened up to what is?

So things seem out of control, uncertain — and it brings up anxiety in you. How can we work with this?

The answer has to come from within.

  • Allow yourself to feel the sensations of uncertainty in our body, as physical sensation. How does your fear, anxiety, frustration feel in your body.
  • Drop the narrative or story about the situation. Just feel the feeling. Be present.
  • From this place of openness ask yourself what’s the most important thing I can do right now? What’s the most loving thing I can do for myself and others?
  • Take that next step, not out of anxiety or fear, but out of love.
  • Do it while experiencing the openness of the moment and your actions. Savour the freedom as you act.

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