Day 3: Practice Kindness to Yourself

The practice is actually fairly simple. In all cases, you find a way to be kind to yourself. Kindness is something most of us already know how to do, because we have done it with others. We can be kind to a loved one, a stranger, a friend, a neighbour. We just need to try it with ourselves.

So here’s the rule: kindness to you, always. Even when you fail at the rule, be kind to yourself for failing to be kind.

Some ways to be kind to yourself:

  • When you mess something up, give yourself compassion (the feeling of compassion in your heart, wishing yourself happiness), letting it sooth your pain.
  • See the good heart in yourself, whenever you feel you fell short or let others down. See the good intentions, whenever you make a mess of things. See that you are basically a good person.
  • Find gratitude for what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have or don’t like. Stop beating yourself up for the smallest mistakes. It doesn’t matter.

See your goodness. Be grateful for yourself. Love your good heart. Be compassionate with yourself.

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