Day 10: Smile at a Stranger

We should all smile more often. At this time of year this can become a challenge, but we need to remind ourselves of the many benefits that come from smiling at another:

  • Smiling at others is uplifting and good for your soul;
  • Smiling radiates positivity to others;
  • Smiling can change others moods and outlooks;
  • Smiling brings joy to others and promotes peace in the world;
  • Smiling creates a ripple contagious effect that can impact many;
  • Smiling at strangers is a small act in compassion;
  • Smiling can make you happier.

Too often we brush past strangers without a second glance. Most of us try to avoid any eye contact at all.

Try this instead: look strangers in the eye, and give them a genuine smile. In most cases, you’ll get a smile in return. The more you smile, the more smiles you’ll see in return.

End result? A happier world. So simple!

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