Are you constantly mopping up in life?

QUESTION: You enter a room and you are confronted with a sink full of water overflowing on all sides. The plug is in and the tap is running. What would you typically do first? Would you turn off the water, and pull the plug OR would you proceed to grab a mop and wipe up?

In a roundabout way this is what many of us face on regular basics every day in our daily life when we are confronted with conflict and issues. Consider a couple constantly arguing all the time. Their focus needs to be on communicating more effectively. They need to develop a state of mind that allows them to ‘pull the plug’ on the primary source of emotional turmoil and tension rather than just ‘mopping up’ and dealing with the symptoms. You cannot rectify the damage until you take action to stop the cause.

In these challenging situations we need to be free of mental reaction and resistance. We need to be able to focus exclusively on the present moment and not allow our fears, judgements, attachments, biases, and expectations cloud our decisions when it matters most.

If you are finding your beliefs, opinions, and attitudes are negatively impacting relationships that you value I believe Coaching with Impact can help you build mental strength and re-establish a positive balance in your life. Contact us today for your FREE introductory coaching session to address your needs. If things need to change NOW is the time to take action before it’s too late.

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